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ECON 140, Summer 2011

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PS 239, Spring 2009

PS 236, Fall 2008

PH 126, Spring 2008

UGBA 101A, Fall 2007

PS 239: Quantitative Methodology in the Social Sciences Seminar

Course information

Professor: Jas Sekhon [homepage | e-mail]

GSI: Charlie Gibbons [homepage | e-mail]

Seminar: Mondays, 4-6
Location: Dwinelle 259

Section: Wednesdays, 5-7
Location: Dwinelle 89

My office hours: By appointment


Section is canceled on March 18.

See links added below.

My office hours are by appointment only. I am happy to meet with you, so feel free to e-mail me to schedule a time.

The location of the seminar has been changed to Dwinelle 259.


OLS, Matching, and Preprocessing: Models Versus Design

Doing the Two-Step from Heckman to Instrumental Variables

What's the Difference? Fixed Effects and Difference-in-Difference Approaches

Applying Selection Models and Fixed Effects to Incumbency Advantage: Levitt and Wolfram (1997)

Robust Standard Errors (see also the link to Freedman's paper below)

Logs Versus Levels

Non-Linear Models: A Logit Example

Randomization Inference: An Instrumental Variables Application

R Code

Time series bootstrap [code]
Cluster-robust covariance matrix help file
Randomization inference for IV [code]
Plotting balance statistics [code | data]


LaTeX implementation for Windows: TeXnicCenter
LaTeX implementation for Mac: MacTex
Phil Spector's LaTex guide
Introductory LaTeX example [LaTeX | PDF]
Graphics: From R to LaTex [R | LaTeX | PDF]
Here are my style files. They should be placed into your tex -> latex folder [standard document | Beamer presentation]


Andy Gelman on David Lee's incumbency advantage paper

Interesting interpretation of structural modeling (notably starting with the paragraph, "The structural approach. . .")

R Graphics Gallery

Ken Train's Discrete Choice Methods course and textbook

Freedman, David A. 2006. “On the So-Called ‘Huber Sandwich Estimator’ and ‘Robust’ Standard Errors.” The American Statistician. 60(4): 299–302. [ASA | pre-print]

Other resources

My PS 236 course page

Rocio Titiunik has taught this course in the past and her course pages should serve as an invaluable resource.

Fall 2006
Fall 2007
Spring 2008

Notes on R: A Programming Environment for Data Analysis and Graphics

R quick reference card

Econometrics in R

Matrix algebra reference site

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