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ECON 140, Summer 2011

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PS 239, Spring 2009

PS 236, Fall 2008

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UGBA 101A, Fall 2007

PS 236: The Statistics of Causal Inference in the Social Sciences

Course information

Professor: Jas Sekhon [homepage | e-mail]

GSI: Charlie Gibbons [homepage | e-mail]

Lecture: Tuesdays, 4-7
Location: Wheeler 220

Section: Wednesdays, 5-7
Location: Wheeler 122

My office hours: Wednesday 3-5
Location: Barrows Hall, 7th floor GSI meeting room


Class on November 11th is cancelled.
GenMatch example R code posted.
Problem Set 4 is due in class on November 18 (note date change).
The Estimation Strategy Assumptions handout was updated on October 31.


Refresher on Probability and Matrix Operations
Random Variables: Expectations and Variances
Introduction to Estimating Treatment Effects
Randomization Inference
Matching: An Overview
Instrumental Variables
Causal Effects Estimation Strategy Assumptions
Regression Discontinuity

R Code

Introduction [code | data]
Random Variables [code]
Functions [code]
OLS simulations [code]
Randomization Inference [code]
Plotting [code | data]
Matching [code | data]
GenMatch [code]
Bootstrapping [code | data]
Balance statistics tables and LaTeX output [code]

Problem sets

Solutions to the problem sets have been removed. Please e-mail me and I would be happy to share them with you.

Problem Set 1 [solutions | code]
Problem Set 2 [solutions | code]
Problem Set 3 [data | solutions | code]
Problem Set 4 [data | solutions | code]
Problem Set 5 [data | codebook | solutions | code]

Other resources

Rocio Titiunik has taught this course in the past and her course pages should serve as an invaluable resource.

Notes on R: A Programming Environment for Data Analysis and Graphics

R quick reference card

Econometrics in R

Matrix algebra reference site

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