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ECON 140, Summer 2011

ARE 212, Spring 2011

PS 239, Spring 2009

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UGBA 101A, Fall 2007

ECON 140: Economic Statistics and Econometrics
University of California, Berkeley (Summer 2011)

Course information

Instructor: Charlie Gibbons [homepage | e-mail]

Lecture: Mondays through Thursdays, 12noon--1:30pm
Location: Birge Hall 50

My office hours: Mondays through Thursdays, 11am--12noon
Location: Evans 677

Syllabus (updated June 27th)

Please see the bSpace course page for additional information and announcements.


Probability and Statistics: A Sample Analogues Approach [handout | slides] (updated June 22nd)
Properties of the Sample Mean [handout | slides] (updated June 22nd)
Statistical Inference [handout | slides] (updated June 28th)
Introduction to the Linear Model [handout | slides] (updated June 28th)
Statistical Properties of the Linear Model [handout | slides] (updated July 3rd)
Multiple Regression [handout | slides] (updated July 11th)
Annotated Stata output
Heteroskedasticity [handout | slides]
Causal Inference and Randomized Trials [handout | slides]
Natural Experiments and Event Studies [handout | slides]
Regression Discontinuity [handout | slides]
Difference-in-Difference Estimators [handout | slides]
Instrumental Variables [handout | slides]
Model Selection in Stata [.do | data 1 | data 2]
Time Series Regression [handout | slides] (updated August 2nd)
Stationarity [handout | slides] (updated August 2nd)
Time Series: A Stata Example [.do | data from Wooldridge]
Randomization Studies and Comparison to Observational Results [handout | slides]
An Overview of Regression Analysis [handout | slides]

Stata resources

Quick Stata Guide
Getting Started with Stata
Regression with Stata (Stata Web Books)
Short Guides to Econometrics (with Stata commands)
Stata Class Notes
Stata Starter Kit: FAQs and Learning Modules
The Stata Project-Oriented Guide

Campus Stata access

Doe Data Lab
Haas Computing Service (Haas students only; via remote access to

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